God? No thanks.

‘The shackles are broken

The bird is free

All lie ahead is a soaring sky

and a haven tree’


Eventually, it all started to make sense. The facade of religion and superstitions that has veiled the human minds for thousands of years crumbled bit by bit. The intellect became clearer and clearer. It’s only you, all by yourself, like any other species to survive on this planet.

I was agnostic before but now a total non-believer in creationism and theology. The world become clearer and the real problems that we are facing, became more important than deity worships and getting closer to ‘God’. If at all, get closer to science.

We, as Homo Sapiens, are blessed with intellect and morality and are far superior than other species. We are changing the world with science and technology, which is our brainchild, and are leading a better life. Even though, it’s only materialistic. Still, there is inequality, discrimination and prejudice prevailing all around the world. Questioning, reasoning and rational thinking takes a back seat behind dogma and false beliefs.

Extinction of species and habitats, pollution and environmental damage, world hunger, racial and communal discrimination are real problems to worry about rather than what will we get after we die, heaven or hell?

I’m not coming back. Those shackles of superstitions and myths are suddenly, not strong enough.